"Lua Lomi - an ancient Maui lineage."

What is it?

Lua Lomi is a specific, powerful and effective ancient Hawaiian healing modality that uses breath and strokes to open the body deeply and efficiently.

It was used in the past as a form of Hawaiian massage to treat warriors, effectively returning them to the battlefield quickly.  It is a aggresive form of massage that comes from the Hawaiian Martial Arts (called LUA). Today it is used to help the body effectively heal from many issues. A practice rooted in understanding spirit, both in the client and the Great One above, addressing the body mind and soul. Lua Lomi has been the main technique practiced at Shayla Massage for over 10 years now.

My Lua Lomi Story:LuaLomi2

Upon moving to Maui in 2004, my heart and work merged in the study of the ancient Hawaiian bodywork, Lua Lomi. As the universe would have it, I was so grateful in 2005 to have met a Hawaiian Lua Lomi Master and the last holder of this ancient Maui lineage. A truly gifted healer who immediately became my 'true Teacher'. For over ten years now, I have studied extensively and 'graduated' to become his trusted TA (teaching assistant). This has led to occasional traveling to share the magic of this uniquely powerful practice.

Come see what Lua Lomi can do for you!