Neck and Shoulder Pain

1) Sit or stand up straight with head balanced softly directly over the neck. Turn head 45 degrees so that the nose lies above the nipple line. Stretch the neck moving towards the chest leading with the nose towards the nipple. Repeat several times on one side before moving to other side. This is most effective done regularly in a hot shower.

2) Stretch the neck to one side moving ear to shoulder. Move slowly and deliberately holding the stretch no more than 2 seconds. Repeat several times one way before moving to the other side. You may use your hand to intensify the stretch by pulling the ear closer to the shoulder, making sure the nose stays facing front throughout the stretch. Do not use hand intensification until you are warmed up by doing several repetitions without first.

3) Neck rolls. Once steps 1 and 2 have warmed up the neck, you may comfortably perform neck rolls. Begin with head balanced softly upon the neck. Gently allow head to fall forward to chest. Roll head first by moving ear to shoulder, back of head to back, ear to other shoulder, then chin back to chest. Repeat several times in one direction then proceed to other direction. Be sure to repeat even amount of stretches on each side.