"InterX Pain Management Therapist"

InterX is a patented neuro-stimulation device for treatment of chronic and acute pain. This powerful FDA approved and clinically-proven hand held device provides a professional, non-invasive, drug free solution for pain management.

For humans and pets too!

The InterX® has been proven effective for:
  •     ο  Acute and chronic pain relief and the resulting increase in range of motion
        ο  Neuropathic pain (pain from damaged nerve cells) and nociceptive pain
  •         (pain arising from the stimulation of nerve cells)
        ο  Reducing rehabilitation times from surgery, sports injuries and other acute
  •         trauma
        ο  Great for joint pain recovery, sports injuries, post-surgical pain, chronic
  •         musculoskeletal conditions and chronic neuropathic pain!


How it works:

InterX delivers high amplitude, high density stimulation that activates the body’s natural pain relieving  and anti-inflammatory mechanisms. Unlike other devices, InterX neuro-stimulation does not create a muscle contraction, making InterX more effective in stimulating the nerves in the skin only.

Video Testimonial:

Who is using it:

Effectively used by Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, PTs, OTs and Physicians.

NFL - 60% of NFL Teams, including Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins.

NBA - 50% of NBA Teams, including Dallas Mavericks, Utah Jazz, Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76ers.

Olympic Teams - USA and Europe.

Medical - The Mayo Clinics, Scripps Clinic, Duke Medical Center, London Bridge Hospital.

Military - US Army, US Marines, US Airforce, West Point Military Academy, Green Beret Foundation Professiona.

Therapists - Physiotherapy Corporation, second largest PT chain in USA.


“We regularly use InterX in the training room with our Philadelphia 76ers; I have been amazed at how treatment not only manages pain, but increases function too.”

Nick DiNubile, MD
Orthopedic Consultant
Philadelphia 76ers

“Interx has become an integral part of our treatment regime, with
excellent results in acute, chronic and post surgical application.
The results, portability and ease of application make InterX a
valuable tool for keeping the athletes on the field of play.”

Jim Maurer,
Head Athletic Trainer
Dallas Cowboys


InterX® carries the European CE mark and is 510(k) cleared by the US FDA as a pain management device and has been safely and effectively used to treat thousands of patients throughout the world.