Now helping pets too!


Powerful FDA approved pain management hand held medical device. Approved for improving surgery recovery and pain management.

Effective treatment for pain, inflammation, surgical recovery and soft tissue injuries. Non-invasive treatment for pain that actually works!  Perfect for older pets for which other modalities may be undesirable.

Chronic issues, even years old, can be relieved with non-invasive InterX therapy. Each session builds on the last for greater results and more lasting relief.

Ideal for painful issues that other modalities have been unable to touch. Effective on acute and chronic pain, and also overuse injuries. 

Non-invasive effective treatment for soft tissue injury, surgical rehab recovery, reduction of inflammation and pain.

Initial consult is 60 minutes to 'jump start' the sessions.
Follow up treatments need only be 30 minutes.

PET InterX Session, Initial Consult: 60 min - $60
Follow Up PET InterX Session: 30 min - $35