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"Hawaiian Healing Practitioner"

Come see why one client called her 'ShaylaMassage' a "Truly Healing Experience"... and another upon leaving said she felt like she was 'on vacation in her own skin'....



Discover for yourself ...

the power of focused attention, extensive education, and awakened compassion. Working together we create a space for a uniquely personalized healing massage session.





"INTERX Pain Management Therapist" for humans and PETS too!

A powerful FDA approved hand held device that provides professional, non-invasive, non-drug solutions for pain management. The InterX® has been proven effective for:

  • Acute and chronic pain relief and the resulting increase in range of motion
  • Neuropathic pain (pain from damaged nerve cells) and nociceptive pain (pain arising from the stimulation of nerve cells)
  • Reducing rehabilitation times from surgery, sports injuries and other acute trauma
  • Great for joint pain recovery!


The InterX® carries the European CE mark and is 510(k) cleared by the US FDA as a pain management device and has been safely and effectively used to treat thousands of patients throughout the world.


"Tailor made sessions, focus on your needs, to achieve lasting healing

and dramatically loose and free muscles"



Hear what other people are saying about Shayla Massage...


“I have had many people give me a massage. Shayla is truly gifted! She has a sense of feel that I have not experienced with other therapists, almost as if she feels the pain as she moves her hands over you to find the exact area. She shared reasons and explanations of hurts that no one has explained. Truly moving and healing experience! ” — Tracey




Don't be satisfied with just feeling BETTER.... start feeling GOOD again

A ShaylaMassage is a comprehensive 'Therapeutic Session' where I utilize a broad range of techniques to address your specific needs. With over 2,000 hours of training I have a lot of 'tools' in my 'toolbox' to address a wide variety of needs.

Lua lomi- an ancient Hawaiian healing modality that uses specific breath and strokes to open the body deeply and efficiently. Rooted in spirituality, it addresses the whole person, body mind and soul. Shayla has spent the last decade studying with a local expert and last holder of this ancient Maui lineage. Lua lomi is based in the unique Hawaiian martial art of Lua warriors. Just like martial arts, this lineage of lomi is specific, powerful and effective.

InterX Therapy- a hand held medical device approved by the FDA for accelerated recovery after surgery, chronic and acute pain relief. Clinical trials have been shown to reduce pain, increase ROM, reduce edema, and improve tissue healing- it is FDA approved and holds the European CE symbol for pain relief.

Shayla decided to invest in this medical device after personally being healed of a chronic painful knee condition that hurt daily for over 8 months. No other therapies were working so she decided to try InterX. Initially she received 6 treatments over 2 weeks time. In two weeks the pain completely subsided. Upon using it again daily and rigorously, minor pain reoccurred requiring 3 more treatments at approximately once a month over the following several months. After 9 treatments over a total of 3 months no pain has reoccurred at all for the following 8 months since (so far at the time of this writing) for a complete and total recovery. She was so impressed with her personal experience she decided to invest in this device and become a trained InterX therapist.

Soft Tissue Release - an 'active release' technique that quickly and effectively releases tight and stressed muscles, even years old. By pinning and stretching the muscle it can release , deep sliding compression (a deep slow approach to 'coach' muscles back into alignment).

Trigger Point Therapy by Travell and Simons, MDs - Trigger point therapy seeks out the ROOT of pain via remote points that trigger was is called 'referral' pain. Janet Travell, MD discovered an array of 'trigger points' that create pain patterns often quite distal (far away) from the root cause. After years of observation, she published 'maps' of pain patterns that unlock causes of pain previously unknown.



ShaylaMassage...  unique, effective, lasting


Give 'loading' a try- it may just prove to be

one of the best investments of your Life!

"What is loading?"

It is becoming better known how beneficial massage is to our body and its systems including improved circulation and relief from tight, injured and sore muscles. What is less known is that there exists massage techniques that can PROMOTE repair, thus creating an environment for permanent improvement in painful soft tissues, even years old.

If you have chronic or 'old' aches and pains, consider several sessions with Shayla in a short period of time so that you can benefit from what is called 'loading'. With the addition of FDA approved InterX machine, Shayla has been able to help folks recover from injuries that have not been 'unlocked' by any other method.

Each session will build on the last to achieve more and more results- and long lasting recovery.
Clients who take advantage of the opportunity to work with Shayla multiple times over a short period of time, never fail to say that not only are they "feeling better", but they are actually experiencing something they didn't dare to hope for... they feel as if they are being transported 'back in time' and they "start to actually feel GOOD again"... 


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